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If you're looking for a coyote proof dog kennel. We have Exactly what you are looking for. Petsafe Kennels LLC custom builds to your specifications the Absolute Strongest Steel Kennels that are 100% Predator Proof! 100% Pet Containment is Our Specialty! After years of study, practice and development we manufacture and ship to your doorstep kennels that are coyote proof! Our custom built no escape dog kennels will not only keep pets from escaping but we Guarantee to Keep Predators OUT! If you are tired of chasing your pets or paying to bail them out of the pound, Pet Safe Kennels has a solution! There is not a company Anywhere that can match the quality of our Heavy Duty Steel Welded Kennels! Our workmanship and value is second to none! Many characteristics incorporated into our inescapable dog kennels are Exclusive Designs not found or offered elsewhere!   Don't settle for kennels that are unsafe for your dog! You can browse the web or online classifieds and still not see many of the custom features that we offer in our non escapable kennels for dogs. 100% Pet Containment Guaranteed!

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Predator Proof Dog Kennels Shipped To Your Front Door!

When we ship your kennel, it will arrive on a pallet delivered by a commercial trucking company. Small dog kennels will arrive as one piece with NO Assembly required. Large kennels will be 4 or 5 panels strapped to a pallet with hardware and instructions for assembly. If you need residential delivery, we recommend having some help onsite when your shipment arrives. Simply remove the straps on the pallet and then the individual panels can be unloaded from the truck. Lift gates and inside delivery are also available on request for an additional fee. Our kennels for small dogs are custom fabricated to your specifications and usually take about 2 weeks to ship after we receive your deposit. If your order is in stock, it will usually ship within 1 to 2 days. If we are out of stock and your order needs to be manufactured, it will usually ship in about 7 to 10 days. Non-stock items and custom orders can take longer. While we don't guarantee a specific ship date due to workload and material availability, we will give you our best estimate. Feel free to call us for an update on your order.

Transit Times: The estimated transit time for your shipment varies on where you are located. Some shipments will arrive by the next day and some may take 5 to 10 days. Delivery dates are not guaranteed by the freight carriers and they can sometimes vary a few days. Feel free to call us for assistance with tracking your shipment.

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If Your Shipment Arrives Damaged

While 99% of our shipments arrive in good condition, you must note any damage on the paperwork when you sign for your shipment. If you do not note the damage, we will not be able to open a claim with the carrier. Do not discard the damaged item because the carrier may want to inspect it. We will also need you to send us pictures of the damage via email to assist in the claims process.

Refunds & Returns: Cancelled orders are subject to a 25% restocking fee on items that we normally stock. Orders for non-stock and custom kennels are final and are not refundable. Shipping fees are not refundable. Buyers are responsible for all return freight costs. Shipping dates are not guaranteed. Freight transit times and delivery dates are not guaranteed.

We Specialize in Kennels that Keep Dogs From Escaping! Our Indestructable Pet Kennels Keep Predators Out! Custom built to your specifications. A new dog is like a new member of the family. Just like with a small child, your pet can get up to mischief without some good dog kennel training basics to teach them to understand your boundaries. If your dog does not react well with guests. Either too friendly by demanding attention or or vice versa. We build kennels that your dog can not escape from and can be placed near where friends and family gather to reduce or illiminate separation anxiety in dogs so they feel included in the festivities. If your guests are uncomfortable around dogs, our kennels keep dogs and guests from disturbing each other.

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Pet Safe Kennels Keep Dogs In & Keep Predators OUT!

While it may be relatively easy to train young pups to use a kennel to relieve themselves, it is also important teach them how to behave properly, so that they become well-adjusted adult dogs, Kennel training an adult dog may not be so easy for new owners of a fully grown dog that hasnít been trained to use a kennel as a bathroom. It's been said that ďYou Canít Teach an Old Dog New Tricks.Ē Simply put. When dogs are young they are easier to train than after they become older. Even humans can be easily trained to behave in a certain fashion when we are toddlers, but as teenagers or adults, not so easy. However that does not mean it is impossible, just that it may be more tricky, and may require more patience.

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Your Kennel Can Be Shipped To You 2 Weeks From;
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Kennels That Dogs Can't Escape From!

Kennels Dogs Can't Escape From

Itís our years of experience that sets us apart from other dog kennel companies. Many of our designs, techniques, and applications are Exclusive Trade Secrets that other kennel companies can't do! We take Pride in only using the Very Best Materials and Strongest Steel Available. When it comes to escape proof dog kennels. It's our Attention To Detail, Superior Workmanship, and Commitment to Client Satisfaction that makes us Second to NONE!

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Pet Safe Kennels offers the strongest built dog kennels with an escape proof design. Custom Built and shipped to you within 2 weeks after your order has been placed. We are the Very Best Dog Kennel Manufacturers that can keep dogs from escaping. We do offer client references and have an A rating on You can be confident that we will custom fabricate and deliver on time an escape proof kennel for dogs that you can be proud of. We Hire Wounded Warriers! Our welders are Retired Vets who are certified. Drug tested and retested. The Team at Pet Safe Kennels will make sure that you will get Exactly what you are looking for!

It doesn't matter what size pets you have or when you plan installation of a new kennel for your dogs. We can custom build pet kennels that are escape proof and will meet all HOA requirements.

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