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Coyote Proof Pet Kennels.

Coyotes, Bobcats, Hawks, Snakes!

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Kennels Guaranteed To Keep Pets Safe!

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Kennels That Keep Coyotes OUT!   Keep Coyotes Out.
Kennels Shipped To Your Front Door!

We Can Custom Build and Ship Your Pet Safe Kennel Within 10 Days After

If you want predator proof kennels for dogs that keep coyotes, wolves, bobcats, mountain lions, and rattle snakes out. You have found the right place. We custom fabricate from the strongest steel and ship kennels to your front door within weeks. Our representatives take pride in making sure you get exactly the design, size, and color of the kennel you want. If you can imagine it. We can build it.

Coyote Proof Kennels   California Custom Kennels for Dogs.
Rattle Snake Proof Kennels Keeps Pet Safe!

Our Custom Built Dog Kennels Keep Coyotes, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Rattle Snakes, Hawks, Javalinas, & ALL Other Predators OUT!
Free Shipping Pet Kennels to California.   Custom Kennels For Sale
Low Profile Kennels Won't Obstruct View!

Guaranteed To Keep Pets Safe!   Kennels Keep Coyotes OUT!
Strongest Steel Kennels Available Guaranteed!

We are an established dog kennel manufacturing company that started in 2006. You Can NOT find better quality pet containment anywhere! We are a small company and once we take a deposit we work on that project until it's complete. Shoot us an email and if we are finished with or near completion of a job we will be glad to drive out and give you a FREE Estimate. If we present you with a proposal that is satisfactory, we ask for half of the cost as a deposit and the remaining half upon completion. If you have not yet moved into a home you can reserve a dog kennel to be shipped anywhere in California 30 to 60 days in advance.

We Fabricate and Install the Very Best Quality Dog Kennels Anywhere!

Pet Kennels For Sale and Installation!   Kennels with Grass Floors
Kennels For Pets With Grass Floors Available!
Shaded Kennels keep your four legged friend cool during the summer! Warm and Dry when it rains!

CA Kennel Company   6 Foot Tall Kennels For Dogs
Custom Built 6 FT Tall Walk In Kennels Available!

Itís our years of experience that sets us apart from other California Dog Kennel companies. Our extensive research and development has developed Exclusive Designs to Guarantee your pets safety! We take Pride in our Commitment to The Very Best Quality Dog Kennels, Great Service, and Client Satisfaction. Much of our work is from referrals and word of mouth. 98 percent of our clients say that they would refer us to a friend or family member because of our dedication to customer satisfaction. 98 percent of our clients believe that our kennels for dogs are the very Best Quality in America!
We are confident that You Will Too!

American Dog Kennel Companies   Kennels That Keep Pets Safe!
No Pet Safe Kennel Too Big or Too Small!

Over the past years our Exclusive Designed Predator Proof Kennels have saved Hundreds of dogs and cats from rattle snakes, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, wolves, aggressive dogs, and Anything Else that can harm you furry friends in California. American Owned and Operated means that your dollars spent stay in the USA and stimulates our economy. No matter what size or breed of pets you have, we can custom build and install the perfect kennel just for you.

Small Dog Kennels Shipped To California.   Strongest Dog Kennels In America.   Predator Proof Dog Kennels In CA. Keeps Pets Safe from CoyotesCalifornia Coyote Proof Pet Kennels
Easy To Clean Low Profile Design with Roof That Lifts To Open!
California Best Kennel Companys.   California Dog Kennels For Sale.  
  Best Quality Kennels For Pets.Kennels For Dogs & Cats Shipped Tou Your Doorstep.

Kennel with Rounded River Rock Floor Will Not Hurt Dogs Feet!

We have found that the best flooring for dog kennels is small rounded river rock. The rounded smooth edges are comfortable for the feet and cool to the touch with the shaded roof closed. After you pick up and remove the solid waste, simply use a water hose on the river rock so that the bacteria and urine soaks into the ground leaving a sanitary surface. We can also ship synthetic grass for your pet safe kennels.

Coyote Resistant Kennels For CatsKennels Custom Built and Shipped To You!
Grass Floor Dog Kennels Installed Kennels That Keep Coyotes Out!
 Air Conditioned Dog Houses For saleAttractive Yet Impenetrable Keenels For Pets
We Even Sell Air Conditioned Dog Houses!

We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Coyote Proof Dog Kennels Installed.

American Owned & Operated Since 2006