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Made in America since 2006 — Fabricated from the Safest Welded Steel Available! No Two Alike! Custom made to your specifications and design. Shipped to your doorstep within about 3 weeks!

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American owned and operated since 2006 — Pet Safe Kennels has been custom fabricating from EPA Safe Rated Steel, The Strongest Aviaries for All Types of Birds. Our Welded Steel Aviarys can be ordered in All Sizes and Designs because each aviary is custom built from scratch. After your instructions we will send you a diagram for your approval. After we are in agreement on specific details, all we need is a deposit of 1/2 down so we can get you in the queue. We usually run about 6 aviaries or kennels in the pipeline so you should receive your aviary within about 3 weeks. Our Custom Built Aviaries are specifically designed for your bird's safety!

Custom Aviarys For Parrots Aviaries that Keep Birds Safe.

Custom Built Aviaries To Your Specifications & Shipped To Your Door!

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Aviaries Keep Birds Safe From ALL Predators!   Don't Leave Your Birds Unprotected!   We specialize in predator proof aviaries custom built to your specifications. Made from the stronest welded wire and steel. Our bird aviaries will keep out Bobcats, Coyotes, Wolves, Bears, other Dogs and Even Snakes. Call us and simply specify the size, dimensions, and type of aviary that you are interested in. Because our aviarys for birds are custom built from scratch it may take up to 2 weeks to ship. Once we take a deposit we focus on completing and delivering that Aviaries as soon as possible. We custom build the Best Quality Bird Aviaries in America. This insures that the job is done right with 100% customer satisfactory rating.

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Strong Aviaries Keep Birds In & Keep Predators OUT!

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Your Custom Built Aviary Can Be At Your Door 14 Days From;
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Itís our years of experience that sets us apart from other large bird cage companies. Many of our designs, techniques, and applications are Exclusive Trade Secrets that other aviary builders can't do! We take Pride in only using the Very Best Materials and Strongest Steel Available. When it comes to custom built Aviaries for birds. Our Superior Workmanship, Great Service and Commitment to Client Satisfaction are Second to NONE! We have many clients who have hired us for one aviary and then have been coming back to use us year after year for other animal containment systems. Years of satisfied client referrals and repeat business is proof of our dedication to providing the Best Quality Products Available! — We are confident that You Will Too!

Welded Steel Aviaries Aviaries, No Assembly Required Safest Bird Aviarys on Earth! Americas Best Aviary Company. Guaranteed Bird Safe!

We manufacture the Very Best Macaw Aviaries available anywhere! We do offer client references and have an A rating on which insures that we build The Best Quality Cockatoo Aviaries in America. You can be confident that we will deliver on time an aviary for parrots that you can be proud of. The staff at Pet Safe are a vital part of our excellent service. Our welders are certified, drug tested, and American citizens. They are highly trained to focus attention to every detail and description of the aviary you ordered. We take pride in making sure that you get exactly what you want.

Our welders are tested, retested, and their performance is reviewed, We are constantly reviewing all representatives to make sure that when you choose Pet Safe for your custom built Bird Aviaries you will get Exactly what you are looking for!

If you are seeking the Best Aviary for Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots, Love Birds, or any other type of pets. We custom build from the strongest steel wire, frame and panels available anywhere. We build bird cages for Rainbow Lorikeets, Parakeets, Pheasants, Bird of Paradise, Toucans, as well as Large Walk In Aviaries made for Macaws, Peacocks, and Parrots. We custom build bird aviaries from all materials used will meet all EPA requirements regarding the safetyof your birds and pets.

Making Bird Lovers Happy is what we love to do. We all have birds too! You can trust OK Corrals for reliability, on time service, top quality materials, and the Best Workmanship because we have proven ourselves to be the best aviary fabricators in the industry!

A Wise Man once told me;
"Cheap is Not Good & Good is not Cheap!"

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