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Coyote Proof Kennels For Pets!

Looking for Dog Kennels That Keep Predators OUT?

Snake Proof Kennels   San Diego Kennels Keep Snakes Out .
Rattle Snake Proof Kennels Keeps Pet Safe!
Let us build the perfect coyote proof containment system for your pets. We Provide the Strongest Steel Dog Kennels Available Anywhere!
We are an California Kennel Installation Company but We Ship Predator Proof Pet Kennels from Coast to Coast!

Coyote Proof Kennels   Nicest Dog Kennels in California.
Coyote Proof Kennels
Heavy Duty Solid Steel & GUARANTEED To Be Predator Proof!
We Can Custom Build & Ship Your Pet Safe Kennel Within 14 Days After
Kennels That Keep Coyotes OUT!   Guaranteed Safest Kennels
Custom Dog Kennel & Serving Bar From Kitchen Window!

Where to find kennels for dogs that keep out coyotes, bobcats, wolves, mountain lions, rattle snakes and other unwelcome visitors can be a tedious task. UNTIL NOW! We take pride in being the ONLY pet kennel company that is 100% Predator Proof!. The Pet Safe Kennel crew are a vital part of our service. They are the Best Welders and Most Dedicated, Hard Working Dog Kennel Installers in CA. Not only are they highly trained, Our representatives take pride in listening to our clients to make sure they get exactly the design, size, and color of the kennel requested. If you can imagine it. We can build and install it.

Escape Proof Kennels For Sale   Kennels with Grass Flooring.
Round River Rock or Artificial Grass Kennel Flooring Available!

Custom Built Dog Kennels For Sale Made in California.

Animal Lovers looking for How To Build A Dog Kennel are at a disadvantage due to lack of information and resources. Often this will result in settling for a pet enclosure that is unsafe for pets. We weld, fabricate, ship, and install pet safe dog kennels for sale from San Diego to All areas of the country and Southern California. A rescued pet should not be threatened by aggressive animals, wild or domestic. We take pride in offering the Absolute Best Dog Kennels that you can find anywhere! You Won't Be Disappointed.

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Best Quality Kennels For Pets   Kennels Certified Welders

Strongest Heavy Duty Steel Kennels Keep Pets Safe!

If Installed Properly — GUARANTEED To Be ESCAPE PROOF!

Fabricated from Heavy Duty 6 gauge welded wire welded to a 14 Gauge 1 1/2 inch steel frame set in a concrete curb to prevent the bad guys from digging in and the good guys from digging out! Don't settle for pet store dog kennels that leave your pets vulnerable to predators.

Kennels with Roof Tops   Small Dog Kennels For Sale

NO Job Too Big or Too Small!

If You Can Imagine It! We Can build It!

Strongest Dog Kennels Available   Kennels That Keep Cats Safe

Pet Safe Kennels Painted To Match House!

Your Choice of Paint Color or Galvanized Steel.

Best Quality Dog Kennels
Made in America!

If Long Lasting Value, Durability, & Appearance Matter, Call Us First. — Don't settle for weak flimsy pet store dog kennels that are made in China. This usually results in unsatisfactory enclosures that are overpriced, poorly made, will not last, and may jeapordize your pet's safety. We are endorsed by many satisfied clients on Angies List.com and other websites. We have been the Premier Dog Kennel Installers in California since 2006. We can custom build animal enclosures and shelters that will meet any taste or budget. For years we sold and installed custom built kennels for dogs in CA. We take pride in offering the Absolute Best Dog Kennels that you can find anywhere! You Won't Be Disappointed.

Kennels Are NOT Chain Link   Kennels Keep Predators Out

Heavy Duty Kennels For Large Aggressive Dogs

Reclaim Your Yard,   Avoid Injuries,   Avoid Lawsuits, GUARANTEED To Be ESCAPE PROOF!

Dog Run Installation — Strong, Durable, Dog Kennels & Runs For Sale and installed in California. Easy to maintain, with FREE DELIVERY to All Areas of San Diego. All dog kennels and run panels are available in rust resistant galvanized steel , black powder-coated, or welded wire with your choice of colors. All work will be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner as according to your specifications. The pictures of dog runs on this page are constructed with 14 gauge 1 1/2 inch steel frame and 8 gauge welded wire. Pet Safe Kennels LLC builds all types of pet containment systems such as dog runs and kennels with a concrete footer, snake-proof wire attached to your pet fencing and burried 4 inches under the ground to prevent your dog from digging and more. We can also install invisible underground dog fence. Since all dog runs are different please call us for pricing and we will be happy to come out and give you an estimate and discuss with you the many different options and prices that will fit your budget.

Kennels That Guarantee My Pets Safety   6 FT Tall Walk In Kennels For Dogs

The Best Dog Kennel Flooring! Grass or Rock?

Rounded River Rock and Synthetic Grass Stops Dogs Tracking Mud In House!

Heavy Duty Dog Kennels Keep Predators Out! Tired of your dogs tracking in mud? Pet Safe Kennels LLC can deliver and set up a dog run or kennel with a rounded river rock kennel floor that can be hosed down to leave a sanitary surface. Your dogs WILL NOT track mud in the house any more! We can also install artificial grass that has a porous backing with drain holes. The same quality product is used for our school, athletic field and lawn applications, all which resemble real grass. The surface is Kentucky Blue #75 which is the very Best artificial grass on the market. It can be cleaned with a product called Whizzy Wash to disinfect and neutralize bacteria and smell. The fibers are water resistant and our technicians are trained to install your new dog kennel installed with proper drainage.

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We Even Have Air Conditioned Dog Houses For Sale!

Air Conditioned Dog Houses For Sale

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Pet Lovers looking for quality dog runs and kennels in California are at a disadvantage due to lack of time and resources. Often this will result in settling for pet containment that is overpriced or unsatisfactory. Since 2006 we have consistantly provided The Best Quality steel kennels and dog runs in San Diego and other areas of California. Our primary focus is your pets safety. For years we have fabricated and delivered to all areas of California. We take pride in offering coyote proof kennels that keep snakes out. We are Not the Cheapest. We ARE The Best! You Won't Be Disappointed.

If you have seen coyotes, bobcats, and rattle snakes in your neighborhood. Your pets may be in danger. We Guarantee your pets safety. You Can Not find Better Quality kennels for dogs and cats. All kennels and dog runs are Made In America by American citizens with the best quality steel and a guarantee. We deliver and install dog kennels to all areas of California. We also ship pet safe kennels from coast to coast.

Over the past 10 years we are constantly developing proprietary technics and exclusive designs that are focused on making our kennels safe for pets.


Best Quality Dog Kennels and Runs!
Shipped from California to All Across America!.


Our Kennels Keep Out Coyotes, Bobcats, Mountain Lions, Snakes, and ALL other Predators

Choose one of our many Coyote Proof Dog Kennels For sale
and YOU'RE DONE!   Relax!   Enjoy California!